The Battle for Truth

–October of 2000

The Battle for Truth

The Clinton Presidency has forced to the forefront of this election year the two very important issues of moral absolutes and religious faith.  I suppose this ought to be cause for celebration, but I, for one, am deeply troubled with how I see these issues being addressed.  Both candidates have spent a considerable amount of energy trying to convince the American public that they are decent, honest, God-fearing men who have the integrity and character it takes to be president.  But a closer look at what is being said and how it is being communicated deeply troubles me.

The vice president has told the American public that he is a committed husband and father, who is solidly anchored in the traditional moral values that are important to our nation.  To reinforce his own testimony, he has secured testimonials from a high-profile lesbian, a movie star, and Ted Kennedy.  Furthermore, he has told us that as president he would defend the moral values of the American family while in the same breath telling us that he would fight for a woman’s right to an abortion and oppose the overturn of Roe vs. Wade.  He says and does all of this with no apparent thought of contradiction.

The nomination of an Orthodox Jew has opened up the other issue of religious faith.  This nomination has allowed the media to openly talk about the “barrier of race and religion” finally being torn down.  They have also been able to discuss the validity and equality of all other religions with that of Christianity.  A prominent media figure asked a guest this question, “How could an Orthodox Jew be elected when the vast majority of Americans say they are Christian and in saying that they believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven?”  His guest replied, “I am a Christian.  I believe that Jesus is the Son of God.  But, I do not believe He is only way to Heaven.  I believe He is simply a way to Heaven.”  He went on to proclaim that the Islamic faith and the Buddhist faith were all legitimate ways to get to Heaven and Christ was just one of many.  The program host thought his response was just outstanding and applauded the fact that America is finally growing up.

What the vice president, the media, and the educational elite see as intellectual enlightenment, I see as an encroaching darkness.  Why?  Because both perspectives undermine the absolute truth found in Scripture.

Our civilization, both morally and judicially, was built upon the absolutes embodied in the Judeo-Christian faith as revealed in Holy Scripture.  Decency, civility, morally and justice all rest upon these moral absolutes.  Our own constitution would be in shreds if these moral absolutes were pulled from underneath it.  The rejection of these values bring chaos, confusion, contradiction and emptiness.  When a society proclaims that there is no transcendent source of moral truth, it is left to construct its own belief system out of a moral vacuum.

The perfect example of this took place some years ago when Cal Thomas had just finished giving a lecture at the University of Michigan.  A student who heard the lecture strongly objected to his thesis that our nation needs to promote values rooted in fixed absolutes.  Thomas responded, “If you reject my value system, what do you recommend to replace it?”  The young lady couldn’t answer.  Thomas pressed further by asking, “What is your major?”   “I am a senior, and my major is ethics.”  “On what do you base your own ethics?” Thomas posed. “I don’t know.  I’m still trying to work that out.”

Here is a typical example of what our American educational system is producing.  This young lady has been given no moral foundation for right or wrong.  She has been stripped of a belief in the Bible and even taught an antagonism towards values founded on Scripture.  Her moral compass has been completely destroyed.  Consequently, she has no way of finding what real truth is.

It is out of this moral wasteland that the modern mind has developed post-modernism.  This is a view of life that rejects not only Christian truth, but any claim to absolute truth.  This means that all viewpoints, lifestyles and religious faiths are equally valid and acceptable. A post-modernist has no problem accepting two completely opposite points of view. Growing out of post-modernism is multi-culturalism.  Multi-culturalism opens the door to say that the faith of a Muslim is as valid as that of a Christian because both are anchored in their own perception of truth.  Since neither can know absolute truth, the one is as adequate as the other for salvation.

Most of my readers see the fallacy of all of this and may be wondering what the point is.  The upshot of it all is this.  There is an orchestrated endeavor to destroy belief in the absolute truths of God’s Word and in Jesus as the only way to be saved.  The educational system that has produced both of our presidential candidates has been at the very heart of systematically destroying the absolutes that we have embraced as a nation.

The success of this endeavor will not be to stamp out Christianity, but to gain enough room to claim a society so pluralistic that the message of toleration and inclusiveness will be preached by politicians, made into laws by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court, and enforced by police until most of the vestiges of Christian values are gone and Christianity is just one of many views.  This, my friend, will lay the foundation for a new world order.

We are, indeed, in a battle for truth.  Your voice and your vote can still make a difference.  If I were you, I would use them both.

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