Why GBS?

Nothing excites me more than having the opportunity to answer the question that heads this article. Having graduated from the college and having served as president since 1995, I have a unique vantage point to answer that question. I feel so good about recommending GBS because:

  1. Track Record. For over 100 years, GBS has sent out a steady stream of deeply committed and highly effective Christian workers into every area of God’s kingdom into every area of the world. A high percentage of this number has become leaders in their field of service and has made an unusually significant impact on the kingdom.
  1. An institutional culture that is servant oriented and ministry minded. From Oswald Chambers in 1909, to our most recent camp evangelist, the comments are consistently the same. “The students here have a warm, friendly, servant spirit.” An emphasis on servant hood is a part of the GBS culture. The same can be said for ministry. I recently heard a disgruntled student remark, “All the kids here have their minds on ministry.” What a glorious criticism!

3. Whether it is in the cleanliness of our campus, the carefulness of our person, or    commitment to studies, GBS has a strong commitment to excellence in all that we do. God asks for our best, deserves our best, and here at GBS we train our students to give Him just that – their very best.

  1. Spiritual Depth. At the very core of the institution, there has been and remains both a call and a commitment to devout holy living. It is a balanced emphasis that stresses private devotion, careful living, lively corporate worship, and a public sharing of one’s faith.

God’s Bible School and College has made a significant difference in thousands of lives of young men and young women. I know that it did for me. I am also confident that it can do that for you.

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