The Values War

—September of 1995

The Values War

Cal Thomas had just finished giving a lecture at the University of Michigan when a student strongly objected to his thesis that our nation needs to promote values rooted in fixed absolutes.  Thomas responded, “If you reject my value system, what do you recommend to replace it?”  The young lady couldn’t answer.  Thomas pressed further by asking, “What is your major?”  “I am a senior, and my major is ethics.”  “On what do you base your own ethics?” Thomas posed.  “I don’t know, and I’m still trying to work that out.”

Here is a typical American student who has spent sixteen years in public education at the cost of $100,000 only to be left unable to think.  She had been given no moral foundation for right or wrong.  She had been stripped of a belief in the Bible and even taught an antagonism toward values founded on Scripture.  Her moral compass had been completely destroyed.  Consequently, she had no way of finding true north in a moral sense.

This young person, like thousands of others, was left to operate in an ethical and moral wasteland as a result of her training in America’s educational institutions.  The educational elite of these schools have deliberately eroded traditional education rooted in 2,000 years of Western civilization and undergirded by Judeo-Christian ethics.  They have spent the last forty years on a determined campaign to secularize our society through its young people.  They have established and politicized curricula centered in multiculturalism and held up by subjective standards void of moral absolutes.  A common core of knowledge has been replaced by a smorgasbord of relativism.  These graduates are then thrust into America’s marketplace and expected to do what is right.  However, the daily news echoes shocks and horror, bombings, fraud, incest, murder, and “wickedness in high places.”

Should we really be shocked by an Oklahoma bombing?  Should we shake our head in disbelief when mothers drown their children, and when fraud and deceit are daily occurrences in public life?  When incest, adultery and divorce come home to haunt us?  What else should we expect when we strip the moral values out of our educational system?  C.S. Lewis expressed it this way, “We laugh at honor and then are shocked to find traitors in our midst.  We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”  Has the “dumbing down” of America affected even us to the point that we honestly believe we can place our youth under the influence of today’s public educators and have them still committed to the values and traditions that we hold dear?

The most serious war being fought today is the war of values.  The church and our nation cannot afford to lose.  Our survival as a country as well as Western civilization hangs on the outcome.  The end result will determine whether it is a revival of religion we seek or whether we must start over and evangelize a heathen country.  I am praying for and promoting revival.  I believe God is beckoning to us through His Word for such a revival.  I believe God is beckoning to us through His Word for such a revival.  However, ears that are morally deaf cannot hear the message of revival but must be evangelized by the Gospel.

The Bible college is now on the front line of this struggle.  The role that we play will have an important part in the outcome.  Unfortunately, many have capitulated and are serving up the same secularistic menu that has left thousands of others void of moral nourishment.  We must embrace with renewed conviction our belief that education based on biblical truth is the only true education, and that this education must assist us in acquiring virtuous habits and ridding ourselves of nonvirtuous ones.  We must take from the center stage the question, “How shall I make a living?” and place there the question, “How shall I live?”  Our success in graduating a core of students who embrace the moral truths of God’s Word and whose lives possess a discipline and self-restraint will determine the future of our precious church and country.  The outcome of today’s values war will determine whether we pray for God to send us revival or pray for God to send us missionaries.

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