Needed: Men of God

–April of 1996

Needed: Men of God

The Church at this moment has a pressing need of men.  The right kind of men, bold men, fearless men—men of God.  Most pulpits and periodicals are telling us that we need revival and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  God knows we desperately need both!  Yet, as Tozer put it, “God will not revive mice and fill rabbits with the Holy Ghost.”  He must have men!

We need men who are worthy role models.  Men that are secure in their masculinity, yet humble and holy in their walk.  Men that serve God and others from high and noble motives.  Men that make no decisions out of fear, take no course out of a desire to please, and accept no compromise on ethical issues.  Men who live for a cause greater than themselves.

These men are desperately needed—needed by our children as heroes to look up to.  In a barber shop some time ago a minister asked a small boy, “Hey, son, whom do you want to be like?”  He looked the minister straight in the eye and said, “Mister I ain’t found nobody I want to be like.”  The pedestals are almost empty.  The world is immortalizing athletes and movie stars, and it is having a devastating effect.  We must have men, godly men, who can be the heroes for another generation of our children.

We need men who can mentor a younger generation.  Our world has a serious deficiency in male leadership.  The average child growing up in our society doesn’t have a clue as to what a good father and husband looks like.

We need godly men in the classroom.  We live in a day of competing faiths and conflicting philosophies even in the Church.  This has created a large number of young people who are stumbling, strolling, or staggering through life with little regard for their heritage, uncertain in their faith, and with little hope for their future.  They need a godly man to show them the way.  They need a mentor.  They need someone who will do more than pontificate on a theory or point them to a textbook.  They need a man of God who will not only speak to them from the Word but will live the Word out in front of them.  They need a man who will teach them to pray, pray with them and pray for them.  They need a man of God who will allow them to walk down the road of life with him and share in all honesty and candor the wisdom he has learned from the failures and successes of his life.  They need a man who will hold them to a standard of accountability, one that will insist on their morality, integrity and decency.  It has been this kind of faculty here on the Hilltop that has made the difference in countless thousands of lives.

God sought for a man who would stand in the hedge and fill the gap.  God is looking today for men.  Can He look to you?

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